RORO Shipping Cost For Car Shipping from USA/Canada to Africa

RORO Shipping Cost to Africa from Canada


RORO Vehicle Shipping Cost from Canada/USA to South Africa

The need for car shipping from the USA to Africa is on the rise, and one method that stands out for its cost-effectiveness is RORO (Roll-on, Roll-off) Shipping. This blog post aims to demystify the costs associated with RORO shipping and offer insights into why it might be the best option for you. 

What Are The Top Shipping Methods From Canada To Africa?

What is RORO Shipping?

RORO Shipping, short for Roll-on, Roll-off Shipping, is a specialized shipping method designed primarily for the transportation of wheeled cargo. In this method, vehicles are driven directly onto a RORO vessel, which is equipped with built-in ramps and secure docking spaces. Once onboard, the vehicles are securely fastened to the ship’s deck to ensure their safety during transit.

How Does RORO Shipping Work?

The process begins at the port of origin where the vehicle is driven onto the RORO ship using a ramp. The vehicle is then guided to a designated spot on one of the ship’s decks. Specialized crew members secure the vehicle using lashings and braces to prevent any movement during the voyage. Upon reaching the destination port, the vehicle is simply driven off the ship, again using built-in ramps.

Comparison with Other Shipping Methods

Container Shipping

  • RORO: Vehicles are driven onto and off the ship.
  • Container: Vehicles are loaded into containers, which requires additional handling and can incur extra costs.

Air Freight

  • RORO: Generally more cost-effective but slower.
  • Air Freight: Faster but significantly more expensive, especially for larger vehicles.

Advantages of RORO Shipping

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Eliminates the need for expensive containers and additional handling.
  • Simplicity: The process is straightforward, requiring less paperwork and handling.
  • Safety: Vehicles are securely fastened, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of wheeled cargo, from cars and motorcycles to heavy machinery.

Who Should Use RORO Shipping?

RORO Shipping is particularly beneficial for:

  • Individuals relocating internationally and wanting to bring their vehicles along.
  • Businesses that need to transport heavy machinery or fleets of vehicles.
  • Auto dealers importing or exporting vehicles between countries. 

Advantages of RORO Shipping for Car Transport

The Cost-Effectiveness of RORO Shipping

One of the most compelling advantages of using RORO Shipping for car transport is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other methods such as container shipping or air freight, RORO Shipping often comes without the need for additional handling charges. There are no expenses for renting containers, and you don’t have to pay for the labor involved in loading and unloading these containers. This makes RORO Shipping a budget-friendly option for both individuals and businesses.

Prioritizing Safety Measures

Safety is a paramount concern when shipping valuable assets like cars. RORO Shipping excels in this aspect by providing specialized docking spaces within the ship where vehicles are securely fastened. The use of lashings, braces, and ties ensures that the cars remain stationary during the voyage, minimizing the risk of damage due to movement or external elements.

Ease of Process: A Hassle-Free Experience

RORO Shipping simplifies the shipping process by eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and multiple handling stages. Once your car reaches the port, it is driven directly onto the ship, and the same process is repeated in reverse at the destination port. This not only speeds up the shipping process but also reduces the chances of damage that can occur during loading and unloading in other shipping methods.

Additional Benefits

  • Speed: RORO Shipping often has faster shipping schedules compared to other methods, especially beneficial for time-sensitive shipments.
  • Flexibility: The method is not limited to cars; you can also ship other types of wheeled cargo like motorcycles, trucks, and even heavy machinery.
  • Accessibility: RORO services are widely available across various ports, making it easier to find a service that suits your shipping needs.

Factors Influencing RORO Shipping Costs

cost of RORO vehicle shipping from USA to South Africa

The Role of Distance in Cost Calculation

One of the primary factors that influence the cost of RORO Shipping is the distance between the port of origin and the destination port. Longer shipping routes naturally incur higher fuel costs, and this is often reflected in the overall shipping fee. It’s essential to consider the distance when budgeting for RORO Shipping.

Impact of Vehicle Type on Costs

The type of vehicle you’re shipping also plays a significant role in determining the cost. Larger vehicles like SUVs or trucks occupy more space on the ship’s deck, leading to higher costs. Similarly, heavier vehicles may require additional safety measures, further adding to the expense.

Additional Services and Their Costs

Many shipping companies offer additional services like door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and insurance. While these services add convenience, they also add to the overall cost of shipping. It’s crucial to understand what’s included in the base price and what services come at an extra charge.

Seasonal Variations

Shipping costs can also vary depending on the season. For instance, shipping rates may be higher during peak seasons due to increased demand. Conversely, you might find more affordable rates during off-peak times.

Currency Exchange Rates

For international shipping, fluctuating currency exchange rates can also impact the final cost. It’s advisable to be aware of current exchange rates if you’re making payments in a different currency.

Port Fees and Taxes

Don’t forget to account for any port fees, taxes, or other levies that might be applicable at the port of origin or destination. These are usually not included in the initial quotes and can add a significant amount to the final cost.


Estimating RORO Shipping Costs from USA to Africa

Utilizing Online Calculators

Many shipping companies offer online calculators on their websites to give you a ballpark figure of the shipping costs. These calculators usually require you to input details like the port of origin, destination port, type of vehicle, and any additional services you may require. While these estimates are not 100% accurate, they provide a good starting point for budgeting your shipment.

How to Use an Online Calculator

  • Visit the shipping company’s website.
  • Navigate to the RORO Shipping calculator section.
  • Input the required details: port of origin, destination, type of vehicle, etc.
  • Review the estimated cost and consider it as a preliminary budget.

Requesting Custom Quotes

For a more accurate assessment of the shipping costs, it’s advisable to request custom quotes from multiple shipping companies. These quotes often include additional factors like current fuel prices, seasonal variations, and any special requirements you may have.

Steps to Request a Custom Quote

  • Contact the shipping company via phone or email.
  • Provide detailed information about your shipping needs.
  • Receive a custom quote that includes all potential costs.
  • Compare quotes from different companies to find the most cost-effective option.

Additional Tips

  • Always inquire about what’s included in the quote to avoid hidden charges.
  • Consider the reputation and reliability of the shipping company when comparing quotes.
  • Keep an eye on currency exchange rates if the quote is in a different currency.

Cost Of Car Shipping from USA to Africa

The car shipping cost from the USA to Africa via RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) is influenced by various factors including the type of automobile, transportation to and from the shipyard, cost of delivery, and additional cargo insurance​

 Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved along with some estimated figures.

RORO Car Shipping Cost:

  • This is the core cost and it depends on the dimensions and weight of your automobile. For instance, it can cost between $1,200 for normal-sized cars and $2,500 and up for SUVs and larger vehicles from the USA to places like Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa​1​.
  • Shipping to South Africa from Canada / US starts at $3,300 for full-size vehicles and goes up to $7,000 for large SUVs and vehicles​.
  • Ocean freight via RoRo is usually $800 from most ports but $900 from Texas. If you choose container shipping, a 40ft container which can contain up to 4 cars ships for $3,200 to $4,000, implying a cost of about $900 if you are shipping one car​​.

Port Storage and Handling:

  • These costs might arise for storage fees for pre/post-shipment inspections or certifications​.

Customs Clearance:

  • Additional charges related to customs clearance and local transport once your vehicles arrive at the destination port​​.

Taxes and Duties:

  • You must consider any taxes and duties incurred in your destination country. Understanding the local laws and regulations regarding imports is essential.

Local Transport:

  • Some shipping companies can include arranging transportation from the port, which is an additional cost to consider​.


  • Pre/post-shipment inspections are also worth considering to ensure your vehicles arrive in good condition​4​.


  • Making car certifications and ownership available to avoid potential delays at the destination port​.


  • Obtaining the right insurance coverage before embarking on your journey can help protect against potential damages or losses during transit​​.

These cost factors can add up significantly, so it’s essential to get a comprehensive quote from reliable shipping companies. Each situation may have unique costs involved, hence the wide range of prices.  

For the most accurate cost estimation, contact us for RORO car shipping services for tailored advice based on your particular requirements is recommended. 

Tips to Reduce RORO Shipping Costs

Shipping During Off-Peak Seasons

One of the most effective ways to reduce RORO Shipping costs is to plan your shipment during off-peak seasons. Shipping companies often have lower rates during these periods due to decreased demand. Off-peak seasons can vary depending on the shipping route and the company, so it’s advisable to consult with your chosen provider for the most accurate information.

How to Identify Off-Peak Seasons

  • Research historical shipping rates to identify patterns.
  • Consult with shipping companies about their off-peak schedules.
  • Plan your shipment accordingly to take advantage of lower rates.

Bundling Services for Discounts

Another strategy to make RORO Shipping more affordable is to bundle services. Many shipping companies offer package deals that include additional services like door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and insurance at a discounted rate. 

Additional Tips for Cost Reduction

Early Booking: Some companies offer discounts for bookings made well in advance.

Negotiation: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the rates with the shipping company, especially if you’re a repeat customer or shipping multiple vehicles.

Promotions and Special Offers: Keep an eye out for promotional offers or seasonal discounts that many companies offer.

Conclusion – RORO Shipping Cost For Car Shipping from USA to Africa

RORO shipping stands out for its cost-effectiveness and advantages when it comes to car shipping from the USA to Africa. Understanding the costs involved can help you make an informed decision.

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