Multimodal Transport

#1 Rated Multimodal Freight Shipment To And From Africa

Our global partnerships with all major commodities traders, agricultural, mining, and chemical companies, EPC contractors and project cargo operators, have made it possible for Africa Logistics Group to offer innovative, bespoke freight shipping solutions for multimodal transportation in Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and Australia.

We proudly offer our clients the most versatile and modern methods of multimodal freight shipment to and from Africa. Our team can accommodate any number of trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes to ship your freight through our many valued partnerships whereby different modes of transportation can be outsourced to different sub-carriers, thus eliminating the stress of having to communicate between different contracts, and only dealing with Africa Logistics Group directly.

According to the International Transport Forum, multimodal transport is expected to grow by 120% by 2050. This surge underscores the critical role of efficient, reliable, and sustainable transport solutions in today’s interconnected global economy.

At Africa United Logistics, we offer a comprehensive range of transport modes to suit your specific needs:

  • Air Freight: Ideal for time-sensitive shipments.
  • Sea Freight: Cost-effective for large volumes.
  • Rail Freight: A sustainable and reliable option for bulk goods.
  • Road Freight: Offers the most flexibility for door-to-door service.

These modes can be combined in various ways to optimize cost, speed, and environmental impact, providing you with the most efficient logistics solutions.

Why Choose Africa United Logistics


Our global partnerships with major commodities traders and other industry players enable us to offer you the most cost-effective multimodal transport solutions.

Single Point of Contact

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple contracts and sub-carriers. With Africa United Logistics, you have a single point of contact, simplifying communication and ensuring a seamless experience.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each client has unique needs. That’s why we offer bespoke logistics solutions tailored just for you. Contact us for a custom quote today.

The Most Reliable And Hassle-Free Freight Shipping Company

Africa Logistics Group multimodal transport offers delivery times and proficient shipment tracking, making us the most reliable and hassle-free freight shipping company servicing Africa, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and Australia today.

Multimodal Freight Transport FAQs

What is Multimodal Transport?

Multimodal transport involves using two or more modes of transport to move goods from the origin to the final destination. This integrated approach offers greater flexibility and often results in cost savings and efficiency.

Why Choose Multimodal Transport?

The benefits include reduced costs, increased efficiency, and the ability to leverage the strengths of various transport modes for optimal results.

How Does Africa United Logistics Ensure the Safety and Security of My Goods?

Being a top rated company for shipping from USA to Africa, We employ state-of-the-art tracking technology and adhere to stringent safety protocols to ensure the security of your goods throughout the transportation process.

Interested in exploring multimodal transport solutions for your business? We offer a free consultation to help you make an informed decision.

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