Overcoming Challenges in Freight Transportation To Africa

We understand that international shipping may be difficult to fully understand, especially if you are shipping to Africa for the first time. For that reason, we have provided a basic, easy to understand guide to what we do, how to ship, and what are the best choices for an individual looking to ship smaller things like furniture or personal belongings, to businesses that ship heavy construction equipment or semiconductors.

First, let’s begin by saying that shipping freight to Africa has never been easier, and it is getting better every day. Thanks to recent global investment, Africa has become more industrialized, and thus more logistics routes have opened up. There are also more airports and seaports, and generally things have improved exponentially. The days of shipping freight hoping that one day, at least some of it might reach its destination are gone, and although it is still far from perfect, it has become a lot better, and we are finally able to guarantee on-time deliveries end up in the right hands. With that said, here is what you need to know when you want to ship to Africa.

Simply put, you will need a freight forwarder, a freight broker or a customs broker. A freight forwarder will arrange transit, organize your shipping documents and send them to the right people and can often be your customs broker. A freight broker, are intermediary between you and domestic carriers and a customs broker process the necessary import or export paperwork and submit the documents directly to Customs.

You will need a freight forwarder because you will need one who is a NVOCC, or “Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier.” NVOCC’s manage ocean shipments under their own house bills, but they don’t typically move freight on their own vessels. Freight forwarders who are licensed NVOCCs can issue their own bills of lading, which are legal documents issued by a carrier to a shipper detailing the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being carried.

Additionally, freight forwarders are international shipping experts that help negotiate and book freight capacity, review all required import/export documentation and assisting with duty payments, clearing customs, arranging insurance, and tracking and tracing shipments.

Individuals or businesses can choose between air freight, ocean freight rail, truck or multimodal (shipments involve 2 or more types of transportation modes) depending on their needs and budget. The benefits include:

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Air freight

  • Cross-continent air shipments take days versus weeks for ocean shipping
  • More frequent shipping times than ocean
  • Time-definite delivery for more predictable supply chains
  • Enhanced security for high-value products
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Ocean freight

  • Efficiently moves large volumes of freight long distances
  • More economical than air
  • Significantly greener than air and truck transport
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  • Less susceptible to weather- and traffic-related delays
  • Green-friendly
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  • Cheaper than air or ocean freight
  • Few restrictions. Specialty truckers are available for just about any type of freight – from oversized to hazmat to refrigerated
  • Easy tracking via GPS for real-time visibility
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  • Very good at dealing with freight disruptions, such as cross-border shipping

We are fast approaching the golden age of freight shipment to Africa, and Africa Logistics Group have enduring partnerships with top Africa-based Ocean freight and air carriers and with all major commodities traders, agricultural mining, chemical companies, EPC contractors and project cargo operators. We are fully licensed IATA license & NVOCC that offers affordable and competitive rates for FCL (full container load) & LCL (Less than container load) to the USA and Canada to Congo, Guinea, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Algeria & South Africa. We provide ocean freight service from North America from ports in Vancouver, Montreal, Prince Rupert to Los Angeles, New York, and air freight to Africa is little as 5-7 days.

Contact us to inquire more about our services for individuals or businesses.

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